Hi! I'm Allison Cross. I run Story Arc. 

I’m a storyteller. I've told stories from all over the world: the deck of a warship hunting for pirates off the coast of Somalia, an electronic waste dump in Hong Kong, the crowded streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone, and the living room of the mayor of tiny Hazelton, British Columbia. 

I used to tell stories for newspapers and other media (the Toronto Star, the National Post, The Tyee and the Vancouver Sun). Now, I write for people and their companies. My job is to help you tell the best stories of who you are and what you do. 

I believe that words change the world. Some of us need help finding the right ones. 

More about me: I like inky pens, chocolate and documentaries. I'm Canadian. I love drinking good coffee and spending time in the mountains with my son and husband. Sadly, I can't whistle. I'm an outgoing introvert (that's a real thing, I promise).

For a traditional list of the jobs I've held and the degrees I've earned, click here